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"Thanks to Michele Leah, I now have clarity for both my personal and business goals. Before taking the course, I felt stuck and did not know how to plan or prioritize. Her meditation to create your vision is the best I have experienced yet as it gave me tremendous clarity and really feels attainable.

Michele shows you step-by-step how to create a routine and stick to it. For the first time ever, I understand how to make achievable goals and take action while celebrating along the way! I completed the course with a clear road map and routine outlining my day, week, month, and year!

I highly recommend this course if you feel stuck or unclear on what to do for your business and/or personal growth and need help planning, creating a routine, and being accountable. I finish the course feeling lighter and am motivated to achieving my goals!"


"Now I can make more money while working fewer hours!"

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"Michele is so highly skilled in the power of time management and goal setting. Before taking this course, I wasn’t valuing my own time for myself. I was not scheduling and planning celebrations or stopping to congratulate myself for all my hard work. I most wanted to feel an overall sense of calm when it came to my time management. One main benefit for me personally was that celebrations are included as their own category within each goal. I will definitely be implementing this into my planning.

It has been great to follow along with her process and to gain more clarity for each area of my life!"


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"This course is amazing! It's very detailed and presented in small chunks that make goal planning and organizing easy. Before taking this course, my day was very unorganized. I was not moving forward in the business I am trying to launch. I now feel much more empowered to take control over my time to get more done. Now I can make more money while working fewer hours.


I love how the videos were short but super powerful. I have taken three similar courses, but they didn't include any worksheets. That is one of the many reasons why this course is so valuable. Michele includes worksheets and a fillable planner so that I can use Michele’s system easily and effectively. She provides all the tools necessary for me to jump right in and organize my business goals as well as my health and spiritual goals!"


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"Through this Clutter to Clarity course, Michele does a wonderful job guiding you step-by-step to successfully get more organized so you can be one step closer to your goals. Plus, the workbooks that come with the course are super helpful and easy-to-follow along as well.

I not only gained clarity on my goals but am pumped up to get started! This is a must-do course for entrepreneurs who want a clear roadmap to leveling up!"


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